Joovy Room² Playard

Disclosure: The playard in the feature below was sent compliments of Joovy.

Bigger is better, or so they say and the Joovy Room² Playard is just that- bigger and better than all the rest.
With over 10 square feet of play space, an included super soft 100% cotton fitted sheet and large mesh windows your little (or big) baby will truly enjoy any time spent playing or sleeping in the Room². 
The Room²  weighs just over 30lbs and it very sturdy. The steel frame is super strong and can withstand my weight leaning on it as I reach down to the bottom to pick up or put down Caleb. The heavy duty padded floor boards provide a strong platform and a low center of gravity that makes the Room² super stable. All fabric, including the carry bag, is made of the highest quality 600D material and is incredibly durable.

Setting up the Room² is very simple. You have to snap each of the four side rails into place and then push down the bottom. That's it. 
Even though the Room² is large, it is really easy to move around because two of the four legs have wheels on them. However, if you need to move it from room to room, you have to collapse it. The included carry bag makes taking the Room² with you quick and easy.

Because the Room² has almost 50% more living space than traditional playards I am able to place Caleb's play mat inside it so he can play all day long with out worrying about his siblings stepping on him or the dog running over him.  When play time is over, we simply take the mat out!
Buy It: The Joovy Room² comes in four different colors and is available for purchase from our affiliate Amazon.com for $149.99.


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