Build-A-Bear Workshop Halloween Friends

Disclosure: This post brought to you by Build-A-Bear Workshop!

Everyone loves Build-A-Bear Workshop, at least everyone in my house does! Emmitt has been collecting bears and other critters since he was born and has built himself quite the collection. Each and every year, right around this time they start releasing their awesome holiday lines- starting with Halloween!
After much contemplation, my little ones decided they wanted to adopt the Sparkly Witch Lucky Kitty and the Pumpkin Happy Hugs Teddy.
Pumpkin Hugs Teddy was the one Emmitt feel in love with and he loves to carry him everywhere. He learned quickly that he can shove the teddy's arms and legs into the pumpkin and smush his head down to turn his teddy into a jack-o-lantern.
Carlee of course choose the princess looking Sparkly Witch Lucky Kitty. Kitty and Carlee have matching purses and she enjoys that kitty can carry stuff around just like her!!

Buy It: You can find a furry Halloween critter for you little one by visiting your local Build-A-Bear Workshop!


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