American Girl Bitty Twins

Disclosure: The dolls in the feature below were sent compliments of American Girl. 

I can remember when we found out that our very first baby was going to be a boy. My wife asked me the same day if I was ok with him playing with dolls. To be honest, I had never put much thought into it. When I was little, little boys simply did not play with dolls- but now we live in a much more accepting world and it is totally ok. We have bought all of our kids kitchens and dolls from the very start and love the way they play together.

Our most recent doll dilemma has been with Carlee (4) and Emmitt (2). Emmitt loves dolls just as much, if not more than Carlee does. Keeping Emmitt who is two away from Carlee's American Girl dolls has proved to me much harder than we expected. After a bit of research on the American Girl page, I discovered Bitty Twins and knew they would be a perfect Christmas gift this year.
The American Girl website is easy to use and has all the tools you need to not only pick the American Girl Doll or Dolls your looking for any accessories you want. It is easy to find all the gear you will need to love and care for you Bitty Twins.
With Bitty Twins, options are aplenty. There are five different girl dolls and five different boy dolls. They can be mixed and matched any way to create exactly what your little one would love. Shopping for a little boy? Place two boy dolls in your cart. Shopping for a soon to be big sibling of twins? Place two dolls in your cart that will match your twins gender!
Each Bitty Twin comes complete with an adorable outfit and shoes. The dolls are 15 inches tall and for ages 3+ but Emmitt, who is two does really well with his. The Fair Isle outfits below are new this year and perfect for dressing up for Christmas Day!
Buy It: You can purchase Bitty Twins from AmericanGirl.com for $115.00.


ReviewsSheRote said...

I love seeing more doll companies bringing out baby boy dolls--I love having a son who's so loving and knows how to care for a "baby" These are so sweet!!

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