Pillsbury Funfetti Whoopie Pies

Yeah they look amazing don't they?
We ran out to Walmart the other day to grab some cake pop supplies. While in the cake section, we found awesomeness! Make your own Whoopie Pies!

So we grabbed a box and headed straight home. I was so excited about these, I ran straight up the stairs and preheated the oven. I greased the cookie tin while my wife got all the ingredients together.

I mixed all the ingredients together, and then dropped them by rounded spoonfuls onto the tin. Then I gently smoothed them flat, and made them more round with the back end of my spoon.

As soon as they didnt look wet anymore, I pulled them out of the oven and put them on a sheet of wax paper to cool. Then we frosted 12 of them. 

Then take the non frosted half, and smush them into the frosted half. They come with sprinkles as well, but I'm not one for sprinkles.

JJ Cole Wearable Blanket

About a month ago, my wife tossed me an odd looking sleeper to put on Emmitt before bed.  After five minutes of trying to find the zipper to put it on him (normal zippers are at the bottom) my wife showed me how it worked.

The 'sleeper' was actually a JJ Cole wearable blanket. The zipper was at the top so when it is all zipped up, the zipper is at Emmitt's feet and doesnt bother his face at all. The wearable blanket couldn't get any easier than this. A zipper to open and close it, and velcro to protect Emmitt's face from the zipper base.

My favorite feature about this wearable blanket is that it zippers to the bottom so when I change him at night, I do not have to go anywhere near his face and interact with him. This keeps him more asleep, which makes it easier for me to get back to sleep. Win win, right?

"JJ Cole's Wearable Blanket eliminates the need for dangerous loose blankets in the crib while keeping baby covered and warm throughout the night. Zipper opens from bottom to top, making it quick and easy to change your sleeping baby."

The blanket comes in two sizes- 0-6 months (10-18 lbs) and 6-12 months (16-24 lbs).

Disclaimer- I was provided a JJ Cole Wearable Blanket at no charge for review purposes,all opinions are mine

Lunch Made Easy #CBias

Once every other week or so, I load all the kids in the van and take them to the park myself. It is quite a daunting task, but my wife deserves the break. Today was that day, and my wife to make it easier on me, decided to pack a lunch for us to eat. Unfortunately I didn't decide that I was going to take them today, till around 11pm last night. 

So at 11:30 my wife, kids and I headed to Walmart. Skye decided she was going to throw sandwiches together  because they are quick, easy and can be made specifically for each of our picky kids. Normally we buy lunch meat from a deli counter but it was 11:30 at night so there was no counter open.

I had no idea the Walmart packaged lunch section would be so big! They had all kinds of meat. Single 90 calorie servings, sub kits, name brand, generic brand, you name it lunch meat, they had it. Turkey, ham, roast beef, packages of ham and turkey, salami, cheese loafs. I was in lunch meat heaven.

We decided the single serve ones would be the easiest, and at 78 cents a container. The price could not be beat. We grabbed a ton of each kind and headed for the front of the store. 

Have you ever gone to Walmart and bought just one thing? Yeah us neither. We ended up getting to the front of the store with chips, water, pepperoni, a baby doll and ice cream.

Disclosure: This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias



My kids inherited traits from both their mother and I. Unfortunately they inherited my wonderful tanning ability. When I say tanning I mean crisping, like a lobster. We visit a local kid friendly water park quite often and I have yet to find a sunscreen that will work well in the water. ThinkBaby sent me a tube of LIVESTRONG Sunscreen to try out and I was eager to try it out because it is water resistant.

I was sent the new formula that LIVESTRONG introduced for 2011-

• Mineral based sunscreen with 20% zinc oxide.
• Provides broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection
• Very Water Resistant - Highest rated level of water resistance.
• No chemical UV absorbers, No PABA. No Parabens. NO BPA.
• Does not contain biologically harmful chemicals
• Top Ranked sunscreen on Environmental Working Group’s database Skin Deep.
• A member of the Safe Cosmetics Campaign Compact
• New formulation for 2011 absorbs virtually clear and non-oily

I would love to say that LIVESTRONG Sunscreen is now my new favorite sunscreen. But it is not so. I opened the tube to lather myself and the kids before heading to the park, and it is a very thick paste. It also states above that it is non-oily, but this is the oiliest sunscreen I have ever used, and with my skin (see lobster above) I have tried many.
The other huge issue is the smell. Normal sunscreens have a very distinct beachie smell. But this smells like an expired bottle of bug spray. My wife actually refused to let me reapply it on her during our day trip to the water park.
It did absorb into my skin alright, and it stayed on even when the kids splashed around in the water. After a long day of playing at the park, and reapplying the LIVESTRONG sunscreen, neither the kids nor I had a burn. However I just cannot get past the smell, texture and oily feel.

LIVESTRONG has offered to one of RDR Followers form the US a tube of there own sunscreen.
Giveaway Rules can be found HERE

S'well Bottle

The water bottle, re-imagined. Re-engineered. With a style!. A bulky camping canteen no longer, now a sleek, portable hydration vessel. Not only providing liquids on the go, also a gleaming fashion accessory. All this while saving the planet from plastic waste and providing clean water to those in need.

"S’well bottles are elegant and useful. Portable and chic. Double walled, insulated construction allows beverages stay hot or cold for a long time. Constructed of the highest quality stainless steel (18/8 food grade), these bottles are non leaching, toxin free, virtually unbreakable, yet lightweight, with a wide mouth to allow for easy cleaning, adding ice cubes and most of all, enjoyable drinking"

The S'well bottle is- I can say without a doubt- the best bottle I have ever used for keeping things cold for hours on end. The second I got my ocean blue bottle in the mail, I filled it with ice and water. Yes that is right, I filled a bottle with ice! S'well has thought of everything and made sure that the mouth was wide enough for you to be able to shove ice into, yet still small enough that one of the kids can take a swig with out getting soaked. The ice, stayed ice for 46 hours! Why am I so excited about this bottle? It really works! I have never owned a bottle that could keep liquid cold for this long.

The S’well bottle is also great for keeping things hot without the outside getting to hot for you to handle. I love me some hot chocolate, and this keeps it hot hot hot! Now I can make it and enjoy warm hot chocolate all day without. S’well bottles come in many color choices, you are guaranteed to find one you will love.
The shape of the S’well bottle also makes it a favorite bottle for me. It was designed to fit ergonomically into your hand, bag, stroller, and car cup holders!

This bottle will not only be something I use but for years can be used by my family to save us time and money on regular plastic bottles that don't do anything but take up space in a landfill when you’re done. S’well bottles are a bit of a sticker shock item. But I know this bottle is built to last a long time, so it is way worth it.

Want one of your own?

Buy a S'well bottle HERE for 35.00

Disclaimer- I was provided a S'well bottle at no charge for review purposes,all opinions are mine!